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We want to create a free, open resource for the world that makes learning easier.

What if you had an amazing teacher by your side whenever you were trying to learn something?

We believe every student should feel that way. Great answers are the first step towards that goal.

Whenever a student gets stuck, they deserve an answer that teaches them how to move forward. Together, we can build the resource they need.

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What defines us

  • Students first

    We put students first in everything we do. That means meeting them where they are confused with content that helps them get unstuck.

  • Amazing Content

    From the tailored content on the Socratic app to the community created content on the site, we host the best learning content on the web.

  • Creative Commons

    We believe educational content should be open to the world. The Socratic community has contributed more than 20,000,000 words to the Creative Commons.

We're proud of our community

We're proud and continually amazed by the Socratic community. We've learned so much from the people that have joined us to achieve this mission. It's the best community on the web.

“Socratic keeps me researching subjects that I'm interested in, so that I can continue to learn about them, even though I'm no longer in school. I also enjoy helping others find an appreciation for the elegance of science.”
California, USA
“I joined Socratic because I love learning and I love teaching others about topics I'm passionate about. Anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer them. The result: a community of teachers and learners who collaborate and teach each other a lot!”
Massachusetts, USA
“Socratic questions come from every level - elementary to university. I enjoy answering them all. I take great satisfaction in being able to pass along what little knowledge I have to those who might become the future scientists of the world.”
Nova Scotia, Canada
“Socratic has brought together different people of different cultures from across the globe who have one goal: to share their knowledge.”
“I like being able to help others by sharing the things I've learned as a Physics professor. I also learn continuously from the answers of others - Socratic is a gym for the brain where I can exercise and get help from really good 'instructors'!”
“It can be intimidating to ask your teacher for help. Socratic is an especially welcoming community of thick-skinned and dedicated contributors who are truly dedicated to teaching effectively, and I'm honored to play a role!”
Washington, USA
“I write answers on Socratic because I believe that teaching others is the best way to supplement one's own understanding. Socratic gives me a way to help other students out there on the same learning journey as I am!”
South Africa
“I love Socratic because you can share what you know, you can add up your ideas, and at the same time gain new knowledge from the answers. There are lots of new things to be learned on Socratic.”

Our community has helped 173420160 students learn

  • “Thanks so much. I never understood this much on my own!”

    Ontario, Canada
  • “Thank you so much for helping everyone with their math problems! I really appreciate you taking time for others!”

    Atlanta, GA
  • “thank you so much! you explain it better than my book!”

    Los Angeles, CA
  • “Thank u so much. I had not found a direct answer anywhere else!”

    Manama, Bahrain
  • “I was really struggling with a problem on my chemistry lab and this was very helpful and the example was great!”

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • “Thank you so much for this helpful note. It's the only non-confusing thing I can find on the internet for my science test.”

    Mumbai, India
  • “Thank you! I'm studying for a final and I just learned more in a minute than I did in 12 weeks.”

    London, England
  • “Big thank you! The textbook made it so confusing. I can't believe its this simple”

    Rome, Italy
  • “Thank you! I need this to study for my exam and this is the best breakdown I've seen.”

    Sydney, Australia

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