Homeostasis and Regulation

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  • Homeostasis and Regulation: a crash look with discussions and examples

    Homeostasis is the process by which living systems keep its internal states controlled, within a narrow window, e.g. glucose concentration. It is a quite important process, such as if glucose goes too high, hyperglycemia, we may have severe medical conditions such as blindness; whereas if it stays too low, we may have lack of energy supply to the brain, it may cause even comma. Homeostasis can exist in three states: 1) positive feedback; 2) negative feedback; 3) and neural. In the positive feedback, the systems input and output are “positively correlated,” an change in the input will increase in the output; e.g. glucagon-glucose relationship, the lower is glucose, the more glucagon are produced, the glycogen are broken down, the more glucose is processed. In the negative, we have a inverse relations; e.g. glucose-insulin, the more glucose is introduced in the bloodstream, the more insulin is produced, the lesser is the concentration of glucose. In the neural the system is “okay,” no significant process is identified. This is a video for the Socratic website. For the slides see http://www.slideshare.net/JorgePires16/homeostasis-and-regulation-a-basic-and-laymanlike-analysis This is a video produced for the website and community called Socratic. It is explained the basics of homeostasis and regulation for living systems. The slides are intended for a general public. We study with a simple example, metaphoric explanation, then we shift to further explanation, we present some examples in the end.

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