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Your Guide to Socratic

Have a question? Use these tips to get a faster answer and help more students!

  • Keep it short and simple
    Only include your exact question to get the most straightforward response—no need to add “thanks” or “please help!”
  • Be clear and specific
    What details can you include that will help someone understand and explain your question?
  • Be genuine
    Ask questions you’re genuinely trying to understand; don’t ask questions that distract from learning or intentionally start argumentative discussions.
  • Write neatly
    Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation make a good first impression and let the answerer know you’re serious about learning.
  • Respond to feedback
    If someone asks for clarification on your question, make an effort to revise it—help them help you!

If your question doesn’t meet these guidelines (or uses rude or offensive language), it may be edited or removed. Please resubmit your question once you change it to meet the guidelines!