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See explanation.


Some nouns refering to material can be used in both countable and uncountable meaning.

I paper

When you speak of a material you use it in uncountable meaning:

I bought some paper to write a letter.

But it can also be used as a countable noun when refering to a newspaper:

I went to a shop to buy a paper.

II glass

You can use it as the name of material and thn it is an uncountable noun.

Much glass was used to make those windows.

But you can also use it as a countable noun:

I drank a glass of wine during the dinner.


Both may be grammatically correct but they would mean different things.


having a dinner
In this case "a dinner" refers to an event.
The family agreed that having a dinner at a fancy restaurant was the best way to celebrate grandma's one hundredth birthday.

having dinner
In this case "having dinner" refers to the act of eating.
We were having dinner when the police arrived.


Trevor was sleeping.


An independent clause in a sentence is a part of the sentence that can stand alone and still make a complete statement.

In this case we have a short sentence with a noun (Trevor) and a verb (was).

"when the doorbell rang." cannot stand on its own and is dependent on the sentence above.


Before Jason starts his workout, is a subordinate clause (SC) which includes a noun and verb, but cannot stand on its own to become a sentence.


This is a clause (C) since it comprises the noun and verb, which carries it past a less complicated phrase (P) which is a collection of two or three words.

It is not an (IC) independent clause because if it were to stand alone, its meaning would be incomplete.

A subordinate clause (SC) usually indicates the why, when, where, who, or how when it is attached to the main thought of the sentence, as it does here.


You should include the question mark with the title as it is part of the title.


Great question! Since O' Brother Where Art Thou? is a movie title that includes the punctuation, you should include it whenever you reference the movie in your essay. It may seem unnecessary, but consider this: the punctuation was important enough for the Coen brothers to include in the eventual title where it is usually uncommon to do so.


See explanation.


There are 3 nouns in this sentence.

One of them Asia is a proper noun because it describes an object which exists alone (there is only one continent called Asia in the world).

The other nouns are not proper (they are called common nouns) because they describe objects which can be multiple.

There are more than one continents.

World seems to be proper noun at the first look, but although we live only on one world we can imagine that there are other worlds for example in outer space. So there is no reason to treat the noun world as a proper one.

Usually the nouns can be distinguished when you look at them because in most languages proper nouns start with a capital letter while common nouns don't, so the correct sentence would be:

Asia is the largest continent in the world.

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