Extra Credit // Socratic.org

Get extra credit by answering questions on Socratic.org, a website where students ask and answer questions to learn and help others learn.

Find a question to answer

  1. Visit https://socratic.org
  2. Click "Sign up" and create an account
  3. Visit your subject’s page (e.g. https://socratic.org/biology)
  4. Browse the tab at the top that says "Questions" OR use the search bar to find a question on a topic you’ve studied (e.g. "cell membrane")

Answer a question (or a few!)

  1. Once you’ve found a question you think you can answer, click on the question link and click "Add an answer"
  2. Do your best to write an explanation as if you were teaching someone the answer for the first time
  3. Use your textbook, class notes, and trusted online sources to add detail and examples — in your own words
  4. Once you’re done writing, click "Post answer"

Share the question(s) you answered

  1. Once your answer is published, visit your profile page
  2. All the questions you’ve answered will be listed there
  3. Submit the link to your profile to receive extra credit

That’s it!

PS: Go check out your profile page to see how many students your answer has helped around the world!

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