Heroes are so much more than moderators. Heroes embody and evangelize Socratic’s mission. They champion great teaching, positivity, and encouragement. They are guardians of the Socratic galaxy and defenders of access to learning for all.

A Socratic Hero is someone who consistently writes high-quality answers within their subject area(s) while inspiring and coaching other contributors to do the same. Heroes are responsible for cultivating and protecting Socratic’s culture of learning and voicing the community’s needs.

Meet the Heroes

Stefan V.


EZ as pi


Truong-Son N.


Parzival S.


Become a Hero

Anyone can become a Socratic Hero, but it takes time, dedication, and the right frame of mind. Socratic Heroes are carefully chosen by existing Heroes via a simple—but important—process.

First, read up on Socratic’s guiding principles, and make sure they shine through each of your actions and interactions on the site.

Then, get to know an existing Hero (or three). How? Check out their profiles; read their answers. Send them a note introducing yourself. Express your interest in becoming a Hero, and ask for their guidance and wisdom. Apply what you learn as you write answers and interact with the Socratic community.

Once you’re confident that you exemplify Socratic’s values and you can coach others to do the same ...

Not ready yet? For now, strive to write great answers, be an active presence within your subject area(s), and promote an environment of teaching and learning. Make these efforts consistently and you’ll be well on your way.