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Your Guide to Socratic

In order to realize Socratic’s mission and uphold our principles, how should a person be? The following guidelines outline how to act and interact within Socratic’s ecosystem.

How to be

  1. Use positive, encouraging, and helpful language—always. Treat every interaction as if it were face-to-face.
  2. Never let anyone feel stupid. Take care in what you say and do, and how.
  3. Acknowledge, appreciate, and support others. Say hello, extend thanks, and lend constructive guidance often.
  4. Pay it forward: share your knowledge, skills, and desire to help whenever you can.
  5. As Wikipedia wisely recommends, “be bold but not reckless” in your approach to contribution. Don’t agonize over mistakes; the community will help you correct.
  6. Be collaborative—we are smarter together!
  7. Respect the learning styles and teaching methods of others. We are a diverse community and have a lot to learn from one another’s approaches.
  8. Champion learning. Ask whether your (and others’) behavior promotes learning; encourage behavior that does and squash behavior that doesn’t.
  9. Keep Socratic safe by reporting bad language, spam, or inappropriate activity.
  10. Do we even have to say it? Don’t spam (post irrelevant stuff), hawk (self-promote), or generally be a jerk.