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  • E-Z (Cis-trans) isomers

    If you're studying A-Level Chemistry with any of the exam boards, you can use my videos for help and revision. I teach OCR, but if you are studying AQA, Edexcel or Educas, these will be useful. For weekly multiple choice questions, join my online classroom https://www.patreon.com/PrimroseKitten you can also have priority when requesting videos. To get a shout out and allow me to buy a cool bit of kit to better explain things you can donate via https://www.gofundme.com/ud9hrs Any mistakes you find, everyone makes them, please point them out. Subscribe so you don't miss any videos, share to help out your friends and comments, corrections or requests in the comments below! https://konoz.io/Primrosekitten Konoz is an awesome way for you to follow a course and keep up to date with the new videos that YOU want to see. I post so many different videos on YouTube sometimes finding the one you want can be frustrating and confusing.

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