3^2x+1 + 3^x+2= 12 Prove?

1 Answer
Jun 17, 2018

Please look over your expression as it's not clear what you want.


The way you have written your expression I get
or #9x+3^x=9#

I suspect you mean #3^(2x+1)+3^(x+2)=12#
But please ensure that the expression is actually what you mean.

Also: Prove that this expression is true? I think you mean that you want it solved.

Incidentally I get that if the last expression is what you mean, then
#3^x=1 or x=0#
or #3^x=-4#
This last has a complex root, and it is so long since I worked with complex numbers, so I am not totally sure what x will be if this is correct.