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No, molecules don't come apart during vaporization. That is, if you have a molecule of methane (#CH_4#), the bonds between the carbon and hydrogen don't break apart. However, the intermolecular forces that hold each molecule of methane next to another molecule of methane are weakened, lending to the vaporization.

Looking at water, the bonds between the oxygen and the hydrogens will stay together no matter what phase water is in. But in going from solid to liquid to gas, the intermolecular forces that keep one water close to another, and therefore allowing us to see ice cubes and water, are no longer strong enough to do that as the water vaporizes to a gas. The water molecules are moving so fast as they vaporize (kinetic energy) that the IMF's (intermolecular forces....hydrogen bonds in this case) aren't strong enough to hold water down as water and it turns into steam.