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Dec 17, 2014

Types of tornadoes:

  • Single-funnel:

  • Multiple Vortex:

  • Water spouts:

  • Wedge:

  • Dust devil:

  • Gustnado:

  • Fire whirl:


supercell and non-supercell:

Dust devils and fire whirls are technically not tornadoes as they do not come from cumuliform clouds. Gustnadoes are debatable, since they do form due to cumulonimbus (CB) clouds but they don't actually connect the CB to the Earth's surface.

There is one additional type of tornado which comes from non-CB convective cloud, called a cold core funnel cloud. Generally these weak funnel clouds rarely reach the surface of the Earth, but when they do technically they are called tornadoes. Just to illustrate the intensity of these weak tornadoes, on the Fujita scale they would be rated a 0.

I have a few pictures on my phone of a nice cold core funnel that actually reach the ground. I will try and load them up here so you can see what they look like.