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Jan 7, 2015

Your general chemical equation is

#Cu(OH)_2(s) + 4 NH_3(aq) -> [Cu(NH_3)_4] (OH)_2(aq)#

The ionic equation looks like this:

#Cu(OH)_2(s) + 4 NH_3(aq) -> [Cu(NH_3)_4]^(2+)(aq) + 2OH^(-)(aq)#

Copper (II) hydroxied in ammonia solution is also known as Schweizer's reagent, a chemical used to dissolve cellulose.

#[Cu(NH_3)_4]^(2+)# is the tetraamminecopper (II) ion, a complex ion which I believe is also called cuprammonium ion.

Here's a video on some home-made Schweizer's reagent: