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Jan 22, 2015

Well, the volume of the quartz will be equal to the difference between water levels before and after you've placed it in the cylinder.

So, you start with #"25 mL"# and add the quartz. You see that the water level increased to #"36.50 mL"#. This increase can only represent an added volume, which, in this case, is equal to

#V_("added") = "36.50 mL" - "25 mL" = "11.5 mL"#

That is the volume of the stone quartz. Since you know how much it weighs, you can automatically determine its density

#rho = m/V = ("30.475 g")/("11.5 mL") = "2.65 g/mL"#

This method is used to determine an object's volume by water displacement.