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Jan 24, 2015

The answer is 0.326 g, or 326 mg.


The answer is #"0.326 g"#, or #"326 mg"#.

SInce silver chloride, or #"AgCl"#, contains #"75.27%"# silver, you know for a fact that you will need more than 245 mg of silver chloride in order to have 245 mg of pure silver. Every 100 g of silver chloride will contain 75.27 g of pure silver.

The amount of pure silver you need represents 75.27% of the amount of silver chloride you must use, which means that

#"245 mg Ag" * ("100 g AgCl")/("75.27 g Ag") = "326 mg AgCl"#

That is how much silver chloride you need in order to plate 245 mg of pure silver.