Question #c233b

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Feb 4, 2015

In order to solve this problem you must use a couple of unit conversions in the form of conversion factors. Likewise, you'll need the formula for density, which is defined as mass per unit of volume.

#rho = m/V => V = m/(rho)#

You can either convert pounds to kg or kg to pounds, but you must convert #"m"^(3)# to #"mL"# for the expression of the sample's volume. So,

#1.36 * 10^(4)"kg"/"m"^(3) * ("2.2046 lbs")/("1 kg") * ("1 m"^(3))/(10^(6)"mL") = 3.00 * 10^(-2)"lbs"/"mL"#

Now all you have to do is use the formula for density to determine volume

#V = m/(rho) = ("1.00 lbs")/(3.00 * 10^(-2)"lbs"/"mL") = "33.3 mL"#