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Feb 15, 2015

The thing I want to point out is that density is defined as mass over unit of volume. Therefore, regardless of what actual unit you use to express it, you must always have a unit of mass divided by a unit of volume.

The density of aluminium should therefore be expressed in #"g/cm"^3#, since #"g/cm"# is actually a measure of mass per length, not per volume.

That being said, you go about solving this problem by using the formula for density

#rho = m/V => V = m/(rho)#

In this case,

#V_("cube") = m_("cube")/(rho) = "16.2 g"/(2.7 "g"/"cm"^3) = "6.0 cm"^3#

SInce you're dealing with a perfect cube, the volume can be expressed as

#V_("cube") = "side"^3#


#"side" = root(3)(6) = "1.82 cm"#