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Mar 23, 2015

I assume you're referring to the mole ratio that exists between the atoms that form the molecule.

Here's how the TEA molecule looks like

TEA is basically a tertiary amine that has three alcohol groups attached. Its empirical formula, which is also its molecular formula, is #C_6H_15O_3N#.

The subscripts each element has represent the number of moles of that respective element needed to make 1 mole of TEA. In other words, 1 mole of TEA has

  • 6 moles of carbon;
  • 15 moles of hydrogen;
  • 3 moles of oxygen;
  • 1 mole of nitrogen;

So, the mole ratios that exist between the elements that make up TEA are

#"C"" : ""H"" : ""O"" : ""N" = 6" : "15" : "3" : "1#