What are some guidelines that we need to keep in mind when writing answers?

1 Answer
Jun 12, 2015

Guidelines on what is allowed and now allowed on Socratic can be found here: socratic.org/answering-basics


The community agrees that the following behaviors distract from learning.

When writing answers, please don’t:

  • Copy-and-paste text from other sites
    Your answers should be original (written by you). Borrowing small snippets from others is ok sometimes, but never reuse more than a sentence (even if you cite your source).
  • Use personal stories
    Remember, it’s all about helping the student! Personal experiences can be alienating or confusing for students who don’t relate to them.
  • Have a conversation in the answer
    That’s what comments are for! Don’t ask for clarification or include content that isn’t exclusively relevant to the question in your answer—this is distracting for readers who are trying to learn.
  • Spam or hawk
    Socratic is for learning, not promoting! You’re welcome to link to external sites, but an answer is not the place to advertise your own.
  • Use mature or offensive language
    Socratic is a safe learning environment for students of all ages—leave profanity and inappropriate language at the door.