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Avogrado's law investigates the relationship between moles and volume. It states that the number of particles in a gas at constant temperature and pressure is directly proportional to the volume of the gas. This means that it's a direct relationship.

In terms of formula, you have

#V_1/n_1 = V_2/n_2#

If you cross multiply this relationship, you get

#V_2 * n_1 = V_1 * n_2#

Divide both sides by #V_1 * V_2# to get

#cancel(V_2)/(V_1 * cancel(V_2)) * n_1 = n_2 * cancel(V_1)/(cancel(V_1) * V_2)#

You'll end up with

#n_1/V_1 = n_2/V_2#

It will be helpful if you could post the video for us to have a clear idea on what's happening!