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Oct 7, 2015

act as if you are a scientist ;)
and if you are doing Eg-Dow's Process.
then u are Dow!


well organic chemistry can be hard if u try to route learn everything.
ultimately u have to but u can make it fun for yourself.

well while learning i pretend that i am actually having all the reactants in front of me and i act as if i am mixing them and seeing the observation it helps.

then first i right down the general reaction like ..what does this do?
is it converting eg-alkyl halides to alcohol.
then i write down the reactants and then the conditions.

i hope it made sense to you !

Oct 13, 2015

Relate the reaction to something common you see or do everyday. Or mug it up by writing it down like an imposition for around 25 times, if you're that desperate, yep that's what I did.


When you relate it to something common or fun you do, you'll remember it for sure. Or while studying, this is an awkward tip but might work for some, spray a light perfume over your book. You like the smell, you feel pleasant and you remember that moment very well. Hence you remember the equation or anything.
You can also do this. Studying the equation last minute before the exam, and the first thing you do when you get that paper, jot it down.
Or the thing I did, I wrote it down 25 times, and it worked like a charm xD

Oct 20, 2015

Memorization (apart from linkages) is best accomplished through repetition and intermittent reinforcement.


Using flash cards is one excellent technique to memorize anything. Relate this to the entire learning enhancement process by taking the FREE Cousera Course, Learning How To Learn. DON'T take another course until you've taken that one!!

Apr 13, 2017

Learning and then Writing is a best method to memorize chemical reactions.


  • Make a separate notebook for writing chemical reactions .
  • Make sure that you learn or read chemical reactions piece by piece. Otherwise , you will find yourself baffled .

  • Revise the chemical reactions daily.

  • Try to understand the reactions but not to cram it.
  • At last, do written practice as much as you can.
  • And always remember, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.