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Aug 28, 2015

The density of the piece of sulfur is indeed #"3.24 g/mL"#..


A substance's density is defined as the mass of that substance per unit of volume.

In your case, you know that the piece of sulfur has a mass of 227 g. In order to determine its density, you need to figure out what volume this much sulfur occupies.

This will allow you to calculate how many grams of sulfure you get per unit of volume, which, in your case, is per mililiter.

The difference between the volume of water + sulfur and the volume of water in the cylinder will be the volume of the sulfur.

#V_"sulfur" = 150 - 80 = "70 mL"#

This means that the density of sulfur is

#rho = m/V#

#rho = "227 g"/"70 mL" = "3.24 g/mL"#

The actual density of sulfur is around #"2.0 g/mL"#, so make sure to check your data for any potential errors.