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Feb 11, 2016

Hemoglobin and albumin are both essential proteins in the bloodstream that provided a variety of functions.


Hemoglobin are proteins in red blood cells that help transport oxygen through the bloodstream and carbon dioxide back so the body can undergo aerobic respiration. It has an essential component, heme, which contains an iron atom that allows hemoglobin to have an affinity for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Hemoglobin also contribute to the normal shape of a red blood cell which is a round shape with a thin center.

Albumin is another protein that contributes to transport in the bloodstream. Produced in the liver, it transports important electrolytes like magnesium and calcium in the blood. Additionally, it finds and attaches to toxic substances in the bloodstream like heavy metals, neutralizing them. Another function of albumin is to regulate "oncotic pressure" which prevents fluid from leaving the capillaries and going into the tissue.