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Oct 15, 2016

The reaction is probably a saponification of the ester.


Calcium carbonate is often used as a filler in plastics that will be in contact with food.

It is stable under normal processing conditions and use.

However, at high temperatures, it can release carbon dioxide.

#underbrace("2HOCH"_2"CHOHCH"_2"OCO"("CH"_2)_16"CH"_3)_color(red)("glyceryl monostearate") + "CaCO"_3 + "H"_2"O" stackrelcolor(blue)(Δcolor(white)(m))(→) underbrace("Ca"["OCO"("CH"_2)_16"CH"_3]_2)_color(red)("calcium stearate") + underbrace("2HOCH"_2"CHOHCH"_2"OH")_color(red)("glycerol") + "CO"_2#