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Jan 28, 2016
  1. If the leaves collapse: Negative charge on the object.
  2. If the leaves diverge further: Positive charge on the object.


Let's see how Gold Leaf electroscope functions.

When a charged object, say positively charged, is brought near the electroscope; negative charges move towards the disc leaving the leaves positively charged. This positive charge makes the leaves diverge as like charges repel each other.

Given that Electroscope is positively charged. The gold leaves would be spread apart.

Now a charged object, type of charge to be ascertained, is brought near the disk of this electroscope, two things can be happen.

  1. The Leaves Collapse: Positively charged leaves collapse, when charge on these leaves is neutralized by the negative charge produced by the charged object. Which is possible when a negatively charged object is brought near the electroscope.

  2. The leaves diverge further: The positive charge on the leaves has increased further. This happens when positive charge is produced on the leaves by the charged object. This is possible only when the object is positively charged.