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Jan 27, 2016

Using the cathode ray tube.


JJ Thomson was interested in knowing about other subatomic particles other than the protons.

So,he designed the cathode ray tube.
The cathode ray tube:
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A high voltage generator is connected to the anode and cathode.When the Generator is switched on,Rays are formed from the cathode.So,the rays are called cathode rays.

A vacuum pump is connected to the tube because when the air pressure is low we can easily create cathode rays.

JJ was interested in knowing about these rays.So, he put 2 oppositely charged plates next to each other in the tube.
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To his surprise the cathode rays started diverting to the positively charged plate.Then he made a note that the rays are negatively charged because,positive is attracted to the negatively charged bodies vice versa.

JJ thought for a while and was interested whether these rays are made up of particles.So,he kept a pinwheel in that tube.
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The pinwheel started rotating.So,JJ made a note that these are negatively charged #particl##es#.He also discovered that these were subatomic particles.

And this is how the electron was discovered. :)