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Feb 20, 2016



Firstly, find the molar mass of the different elements in the compound HCl
There is hydrogen and chlorine
Hydrogen's molar mass is - 1.01g/mol
Chlorine's molar mass is - 35.45g/mol
Add them together
#1.01g//mol + 35.45g//mol#
Thus the molar mass of HCl is #36.46g//mol#
Look the concept in these questions are
the one with compounds are that you have to
Identify each and every element in the compound, the number of each atom present of that element in the compound, for example, if there were 2 atoms of H, that is #H_2#, then you would multiply 2 by the molar mass of hydrogen, then add that to the other molar mass for the total molar mass

Simple way to look at it is this, you wanna buy 2 ice creams, its for 2 bucks, your friend tags along, and he wants an ice cream sandwich, which is for 4 bucks. Whats the total cost gonna be?
The equation will be a like this #I_2S# (two ice creams one ice cream sandwich)
So you'll multiply the cost by the amount you want, and add it with the cost of the ice cream sandwich.
Thus, total cost will be 8 bucks.

Hope this clears it up