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Feb 13, 2016

You can use Baeyer's test.


Baeyer's test is used to detect the presence of unsaturation in organic compounds specifically for alkenes and alkynes. This uses a cold dilute neutral aqueous solution of #KMnO_4#. Using this test, alkenes and alkynes undergo an oxidation reaction,

The presence of unsaturation will be indicated by the loss of purple color of the the potassium permanganate solution and formation of a brown precipitate due to the formation of #MnO_2# upon addition of the test compound. The permanganate solution oxidizes the unsaturated organic compounds into cis-diols (for alkenes) and carboxylic acids (for alkynes; however, it may also result to formation of mixture of products)

In your problem, propene will give a positive result since there is a presence of #C=C# bond on its structure. Meanwhile, the polymer of propene will give a negative result since there will be a loss of the #C=C# bond during the polymerization reaction.