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May 3, 2016

Hey bud, I'll help you out over here :D
Don't ya worry


  • Decide if you're going for or against

  • So once you've decided on that, you have to come up with a point which
    you want to prove, or a point which you want to reinforce through your
    writing, to show if you're for or against the idea of the theory of evolution

This is called a Thesis

Now, a thesis statement is pretty much like the base of a pyramid, or a building. You lay the initial bricks first, and then you build upon that...right? :)

Ask the following questions to yourself, answer them on a paper, type them up, however you wish to do it, here goes-

  • Q1) What is your topic
  • Q2) What is your stance or claim? (your opinion basically)
  • Q3) What is your rationale for this stance? (rationale means
  • Q4)What concessions will you make to qualify your stance and
    acknowledge opposition?

(Basically meaning, give a background on what you know so far, acknowledge the opposition of your claim that is to and against)

  • Qualification + Stance + Rationale = Thesis

Build an intro, that is background info + points which you want to discuss(done through research) + thesis

Write 3 main paragraphs, include facts, stats etc. Do efficient research and put vital points instead of a lot of points through this research, avoid bunch of information which will really just be looked over

In the final paragraph, sum everything up in a nutshell, place your opinion and thesis, and end with a question which will leave the mind of the teacher all bogus hue ;)

Good luck mate