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Jul 22, 2017

I would expect to see dehydration of the alcohol to an alkene.


Under these conditions, primary alcohols give symmetrical ethers.

However, secondary and tertiary alcohols undergo dehydration at temperatures slightly above that of the dehydration product.

Thus, I would expect the following reactions:

#underbrace("RCH(OH)CH"_2"R")_color(red)("2° alcohol") stackrelcolor(blue)("H"_2"SO"_4, "140 °C"color(white)(mm))(→) underbrace("RCH=CHR")_color(red)("alkene")#

#underbrace("R"_2"C(OH)CH"_2"R")_color(red)("3° alcohol")stackrelcolor(blue)("H"_2"SO"_4, "140 °C"color(white)(mm))(→) underbrace("R"_2"C=CHR")_color(red)("alkene")#