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Jan 16, 2017


Dry, white powder, soluble in water to form a slightly basic solution.


“Baking soda” is a common name for sodium bicarbonate, #NaHCO_3#. It is the partially reacted form of #Na_2CO_3#. Both are used in cooking as a rising agent. In solution, #NaHCO_3# and #Na_2CO_3# form a buffer solution.

It is not flammable, it reacts with acids to form carbon dioxide, water, and the related sodium salt in solution. It is soluble in water, dissociating into #Na^+ and HCO_3^(-)# ions. This makes the solution slightly basic, or alkaline. It makes a buffer solution when combined with #Na_2CO_3# , so the pH of the solution remains relatively constant.

In combination with "cream of tartar" and starch they form Baking Powder, a leavening agent.