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Sep 24, 2017


The resultant is 282.8 N to the south-east


One of the 2 ways I know to draw the vectors to then sketch in the resultant is particularly useful when you need to calculate the resultant. Draw one vector, then draw the other vector starting at the arrowhead of the first. Finally draw the resultant. It will start at the tailfeathers of the first and end at the arrohead of the second. See figure.

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The vectors labeled 200 N are the east and the south pointing vectors. The resultant is drawn in with more bold lines. Because the 2 original vectors are at right angles, this triangle visualization of the vectors helps you to use the Pythagoras theorem.

So the magnitude of the resultant is
#sqrt(200^2 + 200^2) = 282.8#

And the unit on that is Newtons. You can see that the direction is to the south-east from the figure.

I hope this helps,