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Jun 2, 2017

Theoretically, yes


The two other answers above were correct, but I have a slightly different approach to this case. I propose to literally, "freeze time."

Let me explain.

You are made of atoms, I am made of atoms, the universe is filled with atoms (although there is much more dark matter and dark energy). These atoms are constantly moving and vibrating, some at higher levels of energy, some at lower. However, what if we stopped the movement of these atoms? Although impossible at the moment, theoretically, if the temperature around these atoms reaches #0# Kelvin, the lowest temperature in the universe, time would indeed freeze.

With no energy, the atoms have no motion, no entropy, nothing at all. This effectively means that you could trap someone or something in an ultra-cold time bubble, freezing them until you decide to let them go.

However, this feat is currently unattainable, because the Heisenberg uncertainty principle dictates that the product of uncertainty in position and momentum always be greater than zero.

I hope this helped!

Yes, definitely. At the speed of light and in a singularity of a super dense mass like a black hole, time freezes or stops.


At the speed of light time ceases to exist. So for a photon traveling at the speed of light time freezes.

Truly difficult to understand experiments have been done with photons. The results of single slit experiments with a single photon being released at a time boggle the mind. The photon should create only a single band of light. Instead the single photon creates a diffraction pattern as if two or more photons had gone through the silt. The single photon apparently goes through the silt comes around and goes though the same slit multiple times at the same time from the experimenters frame of reference.

The single photon does not seem to be bound by time but can fly all over the universe and return to the same spot over and over again. For the photon time freezes. Any thing without mass can achieve the speed of light and freeze time.

Sadly for us anything made of matter has mass and can not achieve the speed of light.