What is a solute that would give a water solution whose density is greater than #1.6*g*cm^-3#?

1 Answer
Jun 11, 2016

You want a water solution denser than #1.6*g*cm^(-3)#?


You've tried with salt, but sodium chloride is not particularly soluble in water. A saturated solution of salt in water has a density (#rho#) of approx. #1.2*g*mL^-1#. This density does not change much with temperature. For reasons I am not going to go into, halite dissolution in water does not vary with temperature.

There might be other (and cheaper!) alternatives, but a polytungstate solution might fit your requirements. These solutions have very high densities (approx. #3*g*mL^-1)#. Zinc chloride solutions can also have very high densities, but you will have to dig for the details.