Who is the father of chemistry?

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Jul 2, 2016

Quite probably Antoine Lavoisier.


Lavoisier's approach to chemical science was highly quantitative, and the breadth and influence of his discoveries reflects this. His wife was apparently also a very accomplished physical scientist.

Lavoisier had his head chopped off in the late 18th century (he had cooperated too closely and too profitably with the ancien regime), and his widow married one Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, who was also a very accomplished experimentalist and physical scientist; he was American born and sided with King George during the American War of Independence.

Rumford was also an unscrupulous scoundrel. I cannot find the quote, but he described his later marriage to Madam Lavoisier (which undoubtedly opened many doors to him professionally and socially), ...........

#"as an unfortunate experience which surely must have"# #"counted as the equivalent to many years in purgatory"#.