How many Christians did the Jewish Bolsheviks kill?

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Nov 29, 2016

This Question is framed badly.


It implies that all Bolsheviks were Jewish which was not the case and I'm sure there is no statistical information on Bolsheviks who happen to be Jewish killing Russians who are Christians. There was some bureaucratic statistics on killings but Lenin was telling people to kill idlers on the streets immediately in some cases. No one was interested in keeping records of those.

There were prominent Bolsheviks who happened to have Jewish backgrounds but Communism is an Atheistic ideology and would not approve of any religion. Russians killed a lot of Russians in the 20th Century. The Communists killed a lot of Russian Orthodox Priests, most of the rest were sent to the Gulag. There were less than 500 churches left in the Soviet Union. When the Russian Orthodox Church learned to quietly co-operate with the KGB it got better for them.

Oddly, being Protestant could be a life saver in the communist era. I have met people who were allowed out of mass killings simply because they were Lutherans. Protestants in the Balkans in the 1990s were considered neutral in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

If you're thinking that Jewish people cause all the bad things in the world you need to adjust your world view. They're people like the rest of us.

Matthew White has a chapter about Communism in his book that is worth reading.