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Oct 19, 2016

Verb- Action
Adverb- Modify verbs
Noun- Every object or place
Adjective- Describe


A verb is an action word.

  • Though that is not the definition from the dictionary, it's how I remember it. After saying "A verb is an action word." a few times, it kind of sticks


  • The dog ran through the puddle of water.

  • In this sentence, the word that portrays movement or action is "ran" because, well, it is an action word

An adverb modifies a verb

  • Adverbs usually tell the place, time, in what manner, or how or to what extent

Example of adverb telling the place:

  • She wrecked the apartment when searching everywhere for her phone.
  • The adverb in this sentence is "everywhere" because it modifies where the girl searched.

Example of adverb telling the time:

  • The dogs need fed later.
  • The adverb in this sentence is "later" because it modifies (or clarifies) when or at what time the dogs are to be fed.

Example of adverb telling in what manner:

  • The teacher spoke softly.
  • The adverb in this sentence is "softly" because it modifies how the teacher spoke. The teacher spoke in what manner? In a soft manner.

Example of adverb telling how or to what extent:

  • The house the family took a tour of was very large.
  • The adverb in this sentence is "very". It describes to what extent the house's size is.

Nouns are your person, place, or thing.

  • Nouns are everything. Anything that is an object or a place is a noun.


  • The house is next to the playground by the school in Ohio where the Jaxson family lives.
  • In this sentence, there are 5 nouns. I purposely created the sentence to show the extremely wide range of nouns. The 5 nouns in this sentence are, "house" (thing), "playground" (thing), "school" (thing), "Ohio" (place), "Jaxson" (person)

Adjectives describe

  • When I was in 8th grade, my English teacher called adjectives 'Salsa Words'. Because when you eat chips, salsa adds flavor to them. Same thing when writing. When adding "salsa", it adds flavor, or style, to your writing.


  • The blue sky towered over the rich green ground of Earth.
  • The adjectives, or Salsa Words (remember: words that add flavor or style), in this sentence are "blue" and "green". Blue modifying, or describing the sky, and green describing Earths ground.