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Apr 11, 2017

Domain: possible x values (left to right)
Range: possible y values( down to up)


The domain is all the possible X Values.
Think if you were to drag your pencil right or left are there points where the graphs stops. At times you will have a domain that extends to infinity, you can have a domain like #(-infty, infty)#

The range is all the possible Y values, as if moving your pencil up and down.

With domains and ranges there is also certain notation.

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The range for this would be #(-infty, infty)# notice the parentheses since these are not part of the graph they are moving towards that value.

The domain would be #(-infty,2) U (2,infty)#: All of these are parentheses since at an asymptote the value is never actually reached. We need to break the domain at 2 since the graph does not include 2 because of the asymptote.

An example with hard brackets would be a square root function where all of the values need to be + inside for example #sqrt x#. The domain is #[0, infty)# including ) since the graph will have this point. The range will also be #(0,infty)#.