Make a question involving 30 of something being divided into 5 groups, then interpret the results. Help?

1 Answer

See below:


We need to devise a real-life question involving a total number of 30 of something divided into groups of 5 and finding out how many things in each group are needed. So how about something like this:

You are getting ready to hold a party - there will be 30 people (including you) at the party. One thing that you and everyone that will be there likes is Pepperidge Farms soft-bake chocolate chip cookies and you want to make sure that everyone is able to eat one at the party. The cookies come 5 in a package (big cookies in small containers). How many packages do you need?

So now let's solve this:


We can divide both sides by 5 and get:



So you'll need to buy 6 packages of cookies for the party.