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All planets orbiting the star will fly away tangentially towards outer space .


Temperature will drop slowly.

Oct 21, 2016

According to Newton's First Law, every planet would continue to move, with its orbital speed, in the direction of motion at that instant, with near-zero acceleration.


When compared with the Sun's centripetal attraction, the

attraction on any planet, by any other, is negligible.

So, Newton's First Law is applicable. Every planet would continue to

move with its own system of satellites ( if any ), rings ( if any) with

the velocity, at that instant.

The planet's attraction would soon bring to its fold its own satellites

and rings and other fliers that are in its proximity..

In the case of the Earth, this speed would be about 29.78 km/s with

near-nil acceleration. In my estimate, it would draw Luna into its fold,

in 3 to 4 hours.

The individual planet's attraction stays. In our case life would

extinct, within a short time. .

Let us not have any phobia of this sort. This apocaypse might

happen billions of years from now.

Remember, our star Sun would annihilate its constituents long

before ( 4 billion years from now, for inner planets ) its self-

annihilation ( some billions of years later ).