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Oct 18, 2016

Molarity of a solution is the proportion between number of mols of the solute and volume of solution: #c=n/V#. From mass of the solute, you can calculate the number of mols and then the volume.


To calculate the volume of solution containing a certain amount of solute, if we know the molarity of the solution we can use the following scheme:

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In this case, as they give us the mass of solute we need molecular mass to know how many moles there in that amount of solute.

The molecular mass of #CuNO_3# is:

#M_r (CuNO_3)=A_r (Cu)+A_r (N)+3*A_r (O)=63.5+14+3*16=125.5 g*mol^{- 1}#

Then, we have:

#2.86 g (HNO_3) times {1 mol (HNO_3)}/{125.5 g*mol^{- 1}} times {1 L solution}/{0.830 mol (HNO_3)}=0.0275 L#