What existed before the big bang?

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Oct 30, 2016

You are in good company no one knows what existed before the big bang.


The most common theory is that before the big bang there was a superdense sphere of matter. The matter was so dense that it was extremely unstable, and so exploded outward turning matter into energy.

Before 1992 most scientists believed that the universe went through oscillations of expansion and contraction. The theory popularized by Issac Assimov was that called the rubber ball theory said that the matter in the universe would be drawn back into another superdense ball by gravity.

After 1992 the empirical evidence is that the universe will not recycle. The evidence is that the expansion of the universe is increasing in the rate of expansion. This means that the present universe that we can observe is not eternal.

This reopens the question of where the super dense ball of matter came from. The evidence clearly indicates that it didn't come from what can be observed. There must be something outside of the material universe.

One possibility is the multi universe theory. The idea is that our universe broke off from a part of the multi universe. Since the multi universe is totally separated from our universe it can never be observed neither can there be any empirical evidence that the multi universes exist. The idea that before the big band occurred three was a multi universe must be taken by faith.

The other possibility is that there was an intelligence that existed before matter and created matter. The idea of an eternal intelligence must also be taken by faith.

Jan 21, 2018

See below


"What existed before the big bang ? " , the unscientific answer is 'God' but this answer doesn't makes sense .

According to conventional model of Big bang , the universe evolved from of super dense ball of matter , it becomes quite difficult to answer what existed before the Big bang , even Time or Space didn't exist before that . Luckily we need not worry this model has already been found wrong!
see here for information regarding the conventional model and its failure .

The new model suggests that universe/s existed before the Big bang .

Theories like super string theory suggest the existence of 'multiverse'.

This simply means that there could be other universes.

When these universes collide or show some binary fission , the other universe in created. So,universe existed before the big bang , the next question comes hoe did these universe form , there is 1 possibilities i could figure , that is the they come from nothing and can annihilate .