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Aug 22, 2017

Hope,these 15 question might help you.


  1. What's electromagnetism and it's characteristics?

  2. Define Ampere's swimming rule?

  3. What's right hand grip rule?
  4. What's magnetic lines of forces?
  5. Solenoid?
  6. How we can increase power of electromagnet?
  7. Flemming's left hand rule?
  8. Structure of Barlow's wheel?

  9. Structure of electric motor? Differently ac and dc...

  10. What's amperian loop?
  11. What's magnetic retentivity and coercivity?
  12. To make permanent magnet steel is used. Raw iron why not?
  13. Can we define Barlow's wheel as a motor?
  14. Why Barlow's wheel can not be rotated by ac current?
  15. Difference between ordinary magnet and electric magnet?