What number do we get if we decrease 208 by 35%?

1 Answer

You end up with 135.20


We can do this a couple of different ways.

One way is to multiply 208 by 35%, subtract that result from 208, and see what we end up with:



We can also work the problem by seeing what's left after we're done decreasing.

Think of this question this way - if we decrease a number, say 100, by a percentage, say #35%#, what percentage will be left?

We can work this out by taking 100 things and decreasing it by 35% - 35% of 100 is 35 things - and so we take away 35 things and are left with 65 things, which is #65%# of 100.

So we can say that when we decrease by #35%#, we are left with #100%-35%=65%#.

To decrease 208 by 35%, we can multiply by 65% to see what will be left: