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Jun 15, 2017

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It is indeed true that humans have the intelligence and the technology to be able to bring someone back to life, however, they will not be able to remember, have a conscious and be able to speak due to the fact that so little is known about the brain. We know that the brain consists of neurons, and these neurons cannot regenerate after being damaged hence why people that have Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's Disease suffer memory problems and motor problems. There are no known cures at the moment for such diseases.

After death, these neurons are no longer functional which is why the person will be on a life support and on a ventilating machine. Processes such as breathing and pumping blood are reflexive processes; they happen without the need for us to think about it. We do not have yet the knowledge to restore such processes and it will be a lot harder to restore such as the personality of the person, its memories; basically the mentality of that person when he/she was still alive. The best thing to do to achieve this is practice theories that might restore these things but we would have to practice it on people who are on the verge of death; this is a violation of ethics so the research in this domain will be slow and will take many years to accomplish.

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