What is the name of the male reproductive organ on a flower?

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Apr 30, 2017

Androecium is related to the male-reproductive part of the flower, that is, Stamen.


The stamen is the male-reproductive part of the flower that produces Pollen Grains. Pollen grains land on the stigma to form a fruit.

Androecium can be defined as a whorl that contains male reproductive structures called stamens.

Other such whorls are:-
1. Calyx
2. Corolla
3. Gynoecium
4. Androecium

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Apr 30, 2017

The male reproductive organ of the flower is called androecium. Stamen is the unit of androecium.


A stamen is the pollen producing reproductive organ of the flower and contains a filament and an anther.


Anthers are mostly double lobed and contain pollen. Pollen grains develop from a microspore and contain the male gametophyte.

Flowers are made up of both reproductive and non reproductive structures arranged in four whorls including calyx, corolla, androecium and gynaecium.