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Dec 31, 2017

Using a ruler
Using math formulas (when not drawn to scale)
Using an odometer
Using feet


  1. Use a ruler to measure the length.

That means choose a start point on the ruler, where the starting point of the object and the end point on the ruler, where the ending point of the object is.

Subtract the two numbers from the end point to the start point and you have the length of the object.

  1. During a math/science problem, some things are not drawn to scale. This means that you cannot use a ruler to solve the problem. You might have to use distance, volume, area, etc. formulas to solve the problem.

  2. An odometer is a tool in vehicles that is used to measure length for long distances. You don't even have to touch them and they will show you the length traveled.

  3. Measure your foot. Now, place your foot next to an object. Now, calculate the object in terms of your feet. Multiply/divide by your foot's length to get the object's length.


Let's say that your foot measures #28 cm#. The object is #2.5# feet long. Then, the object is #28*2.5=70 cm# long.