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Oct 13, 2017


The frictional force is 9.8 N.


I will assume 1) this mass is on a horizontal surface and 2) the 70 N force is applied horizontally.

The formula for the frictional force, #F_f#, is

#F_f = mu*N#

where #mu# is the coefficient of friction and N is Normal force. Normal force means the force pressing the object to the surface it is sliding on. In this case, it is the weight of the mass, so #N = m*g#.

#F_f = 0.02*50 kg*9.8 m/s^2 = 9.8 N#

The net force will be
#70 N - 9.8 N = 60.2 N#
The friction will not be large enough to prevent the mass from sliding, so the mass will accelerate.

I hope this helps,