Question #aceca

2 Answers

A. No
B. No
C. Yes
D. No


A. It decreases pH
B. Even though the question is phrased weird, it has nothing to do with OH other than donate H+
C. Yes, it's H+
D. No. Bases accept hydrogen

Mar 29, 2017

It's a badly worded question, but the answer that is being looked for would be "C".


A. increases a solution’s pH
No, an acid increases a solution's pH provided the solution is an aqueous one. If it's a non aqueous solution then it will not have a pH in the first place!

B. produces hydroxide ions
Not sure about the the term "produces", but no, hydroxide ions can result from, for example, the dissolution of a metal hydroxide in water, but not from an acid.

C. donates a proton
Yes, but thats only if you're considering a Brønsted - Lowry acid.

D. acts as a hydrogen acceptor.
Guessing the question is referring to protons, i.e. hydrogen iions, but no, a substance acting as a proton acceptor would be a Brønsted - Lowry base.