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Apr 3, 2017

The heat requirement is 26.72 kJ to melt the ice and 23.408 kJ to warm the water, for a total of 50.128 kJ.


There are two parts to this process. First, the ice must melt. This happens at a constant 0°C temperature. Then, the water is warmed to 70°C

For the first part, we need the heat of melting for ice. This can be looked up, and turns out to be 334 joules per gram.

So, to melt 80.0 g requires #80.0 xx 334 = 26 720 J#

Then, to heat the water will require 4.18 J per gram and per degree Celsius. This value is known as the specific heat of water, and is symbolized #c#.

In equation form:

#E = mxxcxxDeltat#

#E=80.0 xx 4.18 xx 70 = 23 408 J#

So, altogether, 50 128 J (50.128 kJ) to do the job.