Compare and contrast organic and inorganic compounds?

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1) In both organic and inorganic compound, the elements joining in making compound complete their octet.

2) Organic compound shows isomerism (#R//S#, #E//Z#, cis/trans, enantiomers, diastereomers, etc), just as inorganic compound do (#Delta//Lambda# enantiomers, #R//S# enantiomers, cis/trans, fac/mer isomers, etc).

3) Organic compound and inorganic compounds can be very active in chemical reactions, e.g. organolithium reagents could be flammable or even pyrophoric (generally stored under #10^@ "C"#), while inorganic reagents like in this paper are quite rapid...


1) Organic compound are very long in size so they can make polymer but inorganic compound are not very long but its structure might me complex.

2) The boiling,melting point of organic compound is lass than inorganic compound.

3) Organic compound always contains carbon but inorganic compounds might not.

4) Organic compound dissolves in nonpolar solvent whereas inorganic compound in polar solvent.